Targeted flexible learning programs

Consulting services tailored for your organisation!

We can build a program of transformation and development with you, to suit your needs in the present and into the future. We partner with your organisation to develop and implement tailored programs that ensure that you receive the right information, at the right time, to manage your business. We teach you how to work on your business using our knowledge and tools, while also delivering business outcomes.

Our approach allows for foundations of change to be laid, knowledge gained, then a consistent rise in performance and satisfaction as transformation and development occurs. Partnerships with your organisation are designed around areas such as:


  • Executive team development
  • Leadership development
  • Organisational redesign
  • Talent alignment
  • Cultural shifts
  • Lifting organisational agility and responsiveness and
  • Accreditation in our methods and tools

General consulting and facilitation

The Working Journey provides recruitment, analysis and facilitations services on an ‘as needs’ basis. We will work with you to ensure you are gaining value from the work and that it is fit for the purpose of your organisation or business unit. Some examples of the work we undertake for organisations are:

  • Organisational Design (Structural) analysis
  • Facilitated strategy days or long range scenario planning
  • Individual Capability appreciation for hiring or talent identification
  • Facilitated Talent Pool management
  • Leadership Review
  • Facilitated Change Program planning sessions
  • and numerous training workshops on Organisation Design; Enabling cross functional work; Building effective teams; Executive leadership, Frontline leadership, Change leadership and more…

Our Flagship Transformational Program

Our flagship program provides your organisation with the capability to become, then continue, as an organisation that sees a sustainable intent delivered through people who find satisfaction in doing so. The custodian of the process is the CEO, MD or Owner, with the HR/OD function providing crucial systems capability and support.

A typical roll-out occurs in three phases:

Phase 1: Context and clarifying the work of the organisation

Phase 2: Training and raising of capability of executive leadership to deliver

Phase 3: Implement changes that empower people to deliver and cascade through the organisation


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Team and Individual Coaching Programs

We provide coaching to teams and individuals who want to work through real scenarios within their specific working environments. Our Coaching programs use all of the knowledge found on Develop Leaders Online and helps you apply this in a practical manner, tailored to your role and the organisational issues you face.

Our coaching programs offer the core principles of how to structure, organise and lead in order to be an effective, fair, outcome focused professional who leads, inspires, communicates, sets direction, assigns effective tasks, gives authority with accountability and creates space for the best of your team to emerge.


The Working Journey provides training and accreditation in our knowledge and tools to enable your staff a viable, long term, solution to developing your business. We accredit in-house practitioners in the following:

  • Organisational Design and role analysis
  • Delivery of our ‘Effective Frontline Management’ Workshop
  • Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule (IRIS) – a complexity based talent management and recruitment tool
  • Career Path Appreciation (MCPA) – a complexity based talent management and recruitment tool for the senior roles in your organisation
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