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development for leaders

Individual Development

Develop Leaders Online courses for personal development in leadership and organisational design, are based on the tried and tested principles of Requisite Enterprise and provides the practical tools and knowledge to lead teams that deliver on outcomes.


All Content Package

Corporate Subscription

Gain an understanding of Organisational Design befitting your business, while providing your leaders with the knowledge and practical tools to identify talent and create a healthy work-life culture that delivers.


Design for leaders

Consulting Services

The Develop Leaders Online’s consulting arm, The Working Journey, are a team of experts in organisational design, talent management, leadership and change. They help you turn complex delivery into successful outcomes.


We make better leaders!

Develop Leaders Online provides your Leaders with the foundational knowledge to design, fill and then lead your organisation or business unit. The learning materials provide Leaders with tools to design effective structure, recognise and engage the correct talent, and the leadership skills to effectively deliver on plans.

The principles of effective organisational design and leadership have been researched, practised, then expertly collated and packaged by the Develop Leaders Online specialists in an easy to understand, accessible format. The learning materials provide unlock the key to increased employee engagement and achievement of organisational goals.

Individuals or organisations seeking to improve, will gain access to informative videos, interactive activities and quizzes that empower Leaders with:

  • The knowledge of how to design an effective operating model
  • Leadership skills that enable efficiency
  • Insight into their current environment
  • The ability to identify potential friction points or risk to delivery

Corporate packages are available for a tailored online learning approach. This includes but is not limited to tailored content and guidance from our team of professionals.

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Listen to Adam Thompson talk about the knowledge our leaders should know to create healthier organisations. The principles and concepts described here form part of our learning content.

Structure    –    Talent    –    Leadership

Engaging and modern course design that builds leadership knowledge

The learning content is based in complexity science, organisational design, talent and leadership research that has been ongoing over 70 years. It is the knowledge that you need to become a better leader, design effective organisations and deploy talented individuals to deliver your plans.

Our learning content maintains a strong focus on principles that are at play in every organisation, whether we see them or not. Through the understanding and consistent use of our content you will see increased trust and engagement within teams and individuals, ultimately leading to increased productivity.


You can access the content anywhere at anytime via:

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